5 RPA software for SMEs and large companies



RPA tools that help automate tasks allow optimization of business functions so there is a wide range on the market.





Rockebot is a platform that focuses on democratizing and accelerating the digital transformation of companies, as well as optimizing ROI for customers. It does so through automation robots that allow executing processes and workflows, extracting text from documents or images, as well as integrating applications that allow companies to work faster and smarter.


This software is very easy to use and helps to put robots in the cloud, which helps reduce infrastructure costs. This platform is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.





This platform allows automating and optimizing processes through Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Uipath improves business productivity and efficiency, as well as employee engagement and customer experience, through automated robots that scale digital business operations at high speed.


UiPath is automation software that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Google Apps, and Microsoft. This platform allows you to create a robot to perform various functions, from email management to administrative processes; it is very easy to use and no coding knowledge is required.


3.Automation Anywhere

Robotic-Process-Automation-Automation Anywhere


This platform allows automating business processes through intelligent bots powered by Artificial Intelligence, thereby increasing productivity and optimizing the customer experience.


Its Bot Store is the first and largest on the market with more than 1,200 smart automation solutions. It has a native, web-based cloud platform and robotic interface for on-the-go automation.


Automation Anywhere enables process automation for various business functions. This helps maintain high performance and plays a strategic role in the business by solving various challenges in business processes through intelligent automation.





This platform provides the intelligent automation that helps organizations get work done faster and generate better results for customers. It works with Artificial Intelligence in real time, has a scalable architecture with a low-code platform and translators for specific platforms, which facilitates automation and integration.


This automation software is perfect for companies looking to optimize the work of their employees, as it helps automate tasks and improve business efficiency with unattended bots and the incorporation of workforce intelligence.





This smart, code-free automation platform offers robotic automation processes to deliver value to any business process. It uses autonomous software robots, through intelligent technology that imitates and learns business processes such as humans, scales the volume of tasks and digital workers on demand.


Blueprism automates project management, human resources and finance processes. The capabilities of this software allow you to automate simple processes quickly so that employees can address more complex solutions.


It is very easy to understand and has a control room. With this tool it is possible to program the automation of processes and execute them when necessary.


These RPA software options are an excellent starting point if what you are looking for in your company is to automate processes to improve the performance of your teams and increase profits.






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