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Surviving the components – discovering thermal heating vents and shield to keep warm through cold Best action Movie 2018.

Defying Authority or”The System” to be able to do what’s proper.

Leap of Faith – Jumping off a cliff at the hopes that his brash action will take him to his objective.

Divine Aid – Initiate is pushed into his physical limitations and so transcends and can make contact with the spirit world where he can make peace with his deceased sister and can be given the help and the security of his soul totem, the hawk.

Initiate reaches bodily goal but should still go higher as a way to reconnect emotionally with his Father – Kitai finds out the beacon however it doesn’t deliver the signal. From anger and anger he hears the religious voice of his husband telling him to take a knee(reduced his bodily character so that he could listen to his high”soul” character ) – his dad then tells him he should move higher, to the peak of a local mountain so he can deliver their beacon sign (request help ) to the skies.

Initiate has to face and conquer his fear here represented by the”Ursa” creature. Notice here that”Ursa” is just another name for a Bear that in certain native tribes needed to be confronted and overcome by the young teenagers of their tribe so to allow them to become men.

Initiate Must input the Cave of all Darkness/Fear. It’s here that the creature shows itself into the start and has to be fought to the death.

This passing isn’t a physical one generally, but signifies the passing of this childish nature of the boy as well as the arrival of this guy. Fear, uncertainty and uncertainty dies here, and also the guy, the warrior can be born. Initiate is placed in mortal danger so as to induce a change of heart and mind.

Upon reaching the mountaintop, the start can completely conquer himself and consequently his own dread and is consequently capable to destroy the creature and then ship a beacon to the skies to get a rescue and also a return to his heavenly home.

By finishing his job, the start can return home and exude (rescue ) his Father that had been brutally lifeless and at the underworld or in a deep spirit sleep where only the sons sacrifice would spare him. **


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